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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Some terrific websites -, and - have recently published our latest article for Baby Boomers in the Sandwich Generation:

"How to Launch Your Boomerang Kidult"
Please take some time to read the article and let us know what resonates for you. When and how do you think it works for an adult child to return to the nest?
Use our links to visit these sites - then come back and share your thoughts about the interesting information you discover there.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read your article about adult kids moving back home on the 2Young2Retire website. I am about to ask my 28 year old son, who has been living with me for 6 months, to either pay rent or move out. I hate to be harsh, but I don't know why he should be so comfortable, literally at my expense. By the way, the stories on 2Y2R make me want to reinvent myself.

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