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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Journey of the AIG Bonuses

All over the news these days is the disgust of the American people with the $165 million dollar bonuses AIG gave their own executives, as a "retention bonus." After originally accepting $150 billion in TARP money, paid for by the American taxpayer, AIG has been scheduled to receive another $30 billion. But now the government has been reacting to the anger of the people and demanding some restitution of the bonus money. Every day Sandwiched Boomers manage their budgets while caring for growing children and aging parents - why can't corporate executives and our elected officials be as responsible with our taxpayer money? You may be having discussions with your children about fiscal responsibility - especially in the current economy. Why not talk with them about some life lessons at the same time?

Take the long-range view of things. A certain action may seem like a good idea at the time, but have extremely negative consequences in the long-run. It's important to think about the logical longterm consequences of your behavior before you rush into any major decision.

Take pleasure in the process, not just in attaining the goal. All too often, the emphasis is on the prize at the end of the journey - money, success, recognition. But each of these can be fleeting - some of the AIG bonuses may be paid back or taxed very heavily - and not provide the great satisfaction we expect. When we instead focus on the process of working toward a goal itself, the journey can be exciting and fulfilling in a very meaningful way.

When you click on the title above, it will take you to one woman's story about the process and meaning of her journey to wellness after breast cancer.

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Anonymous vancouver real estate said...

There is so many issues involved.. the government has known all along that the bonuses will be paid: why acting now and not before? Is taxing the bonuses the right way to do it (who will be taxed next?)? How is the money collected by the tax going to reach the tax payer (if at all)? What about the bonuses paid to the state officials? The banks other institution were acting within the law.. so the mess was partly created by the law makers. What about their bonuses? Should they be taxed too?

Sooo many questions and no answers..

Take care,

11:49 PM  

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