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Thursday, June 28, 2007

If the writer in you can't wait to break free, check out the following opportunity - Boomer Women Speak JUNE-JULY Writing Contest:

A Lesson I've Learned

We've all had them. Those “life lessons” that make us stop and think, possibly see the world, our environment, or even ourselves in a different light - the lessons we'll never forget. Some call them “Aha” moments.

Who was your mentor? Was it a teacher, a parent, or your best friend who helped to open your eyes and heart to learn? Maybe even a boyfriend? Or was it man's best friend, a pet? No matter who taught you or how you learned, we all agree that, over time, they are truly unforgettable. What is that one particular lesson that stands out in your mind? Did it change the course of your life? Or maybe it wasn't life-altering, but it helped to shape the person you are today. Whatever you lesson, send us your story by entering our contest and win prizes!

Deadline: July 31, 2007

Entry Fee: NONE


The winner's story will be placed in the Our Voices section at Boomer Women Speak and she will receive the following:

$50.00 CASH!

FREE membership or renewal for the National Association of Baby Boomer Women, NABBW, the only association devoted to addressing issues concerning 38 million of the healthiest, wealthiest and best educated generation of women to ever hit midlife.

Baby Boomer's Almanac, by Tim Brolus

What Happens Next, by Chloe JonPaul

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Throne, by Georgia Richardson

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Blogger Amrita said...

I will try to write a short entry, not particularly to win a prize but to express myself.i 've linked you up on my blog which was inspired by you and now I 've made so many friends and learnt so many new things.A big empty spot in my life has been filled up.Thank you

7:51 PM  

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