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Monday, January 21, 2008

Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. today, Americans may wonder how much progress has been made toward realizing his dream, so eloquently stated that steamy August day, 1963, in Washington, D.C. According to a poll done by CNN/Opinion Research, a significant majority of blacks and whites believe that the dream of racial equality has evolved in our society. A full 72% of whites and 61% of blacks are of the opinion that America in 2008 would be accepting of a black President.

According to the same poll, slightly fewer voters, around 63%, believe that we are ready for a woman President. No questions were asked about the likelihood of electing the first Mormon President nor the first multiply-divorced President nor the first septuagenarian President nor the first evangelical minister President. With "change" the new buzzword, it is likely that the chosen candidates will be the "first" in something. It's up to you to help determine what that first will be.

So, Sandwiched Boomers, this is your time to get involved - watch the debates, study the candidates' proposals, learn about their advisors, listen to their speeches, find out about their past actions. Support whomever you think is the best candidate - your choice as a voter may bring to office the next President of the United States.

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