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Monday, January 19, 2009

Excitement about the Inauguration

With Barack Obama's inauguration as the 44th President of the United States tomorrow, some are expecting high drama. This ceremony has always been seen as a sacred renewal but, with our country in crisis and the election of the first African American president, this may be the most exciting one in memory.

Today is Martin Luther King Day, a national day of service to others. The activites building up to the inauguration are taking place close to where King made his famous "I have a dream" speech in 1963. His words inform a lot of the emotion evoked by this election - the idea of volunteering, sacrificing, giving back.

Pundits are calling the president elect AbeBama and he has claim to Lincoln's legacy – high emotional intelligence, open to new ideas and engaging people through plain speaking.

Despite a crisis in confidence and no model for how to fix what our country is going through, there's solidarity around this new leader. Barack Obama says he knows there's work to be done and it's time to do it. He's as hopeful as ever. Are you?

Click on the link above to read about what Oprah's support of Obama has to do with Sandwiched Boomers. And stay tuned as we look at the events of this week in light of the new first family.

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Anonymous B. Lynn Goodwin said...

I am hopeful about the possibility for change that Barack Obama's inauguration will bring. We've been warned that change will take time, that we have not yet reached our economic bottom.

I hope for new jobs, a resolution of the mortgage crisis, and stability. While I'm at it, I wish for world peace. Tomorrow's inaugural speech should give us specifics to hope for.


1:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having so many people rally makes me feel hopeful. There's so much to be upset about. I've decided to spend tomorrow enjoying this momentous event.

9:33 PM  

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