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Monday, July 27, 2009

Sarah Palin: Star Power or Quitter?

Sarah Palin's star power was evident as the governor of Alaska stepped down yesterday. She left her long-term political plans unclear and refused to address speculation that she would seek a 2012 presidential bid. Is this mystique part of what makes her so appealing?

Sarah Palin Hands Over Power To Alaskas Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell

For sure she's created quite a buzz. Palin did say she's taking her political battles to a larger if unspecified stage and avoiding an unproductive, lame duck status. "With this decision, now, I will be able to fight even harder for you, for what is right, and for truth. And I have never felt that you need a title to do that."

Palin said she wants to campaign for political candidates and continue to speak her mind on the social networking site Twitter, one of her favorite venues to reach out to supporters. Free speech was a theme of her farewell speech, as the outgoing governor scolded those "hell bent on tearing down our nation" - she warned Americans to "be wary of accepting government largess. It doesn't come free." She also took aim at the media, saying her replacement "has a very nice family too, so leave his kids alone." Apparently she was frustrated with media focus on her family and felt unfairly treated by reporters and bloggers.

But the truth is she did step down before her term was over. Her quitting rescinds the mandate of the people, and quitting anything stirs up a whole lot of feelings.

Sarah Palin continues to be controversial and evoke passion from pundits and the public. Why not put on your Palintologist hat, too? Weigh in on this issue and share your thoughts. And we'll discuss your comments on the blog tomorrow.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We've seen many male politicians leave their elected jobs because of infidelity or criminal actions. Who knows why she left hers, but it's a nice contrast - she's chosen to leave her position as Governor willingly instead of being forced out because of any behavior. I don't support her politically but I do think she's been unfairly treated by the media - and certainly by late night comedians. Do men feel free to make fun of her because she is a woman?

9:21 AM  
Anonymous Rhea said...

If she wants a career in politics, I think she's shot herself in the foot. I don't see how she can quit her term and expect to be elected to any office again. A TV talk show might be the right venue for her.

11:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whether Sarah Palin goes on to host a radio or TV show, write a book, launch a speaking career or seek higher office in Washington, I think she went about it the wrong way.

7:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was finally some excitement in the Republican party when McCain chose Palin as his running mate. But once it was revealed that the party spent $150,000 on a designer wardrobe for her, the jokes began. I must say that her lack of sophistication contributed to that.

7:26 AM  

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