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Friday, October 20, 2006

One reader commented, "How can someone function like an adult if he/she is treated like a child and given privileges without any responsibilities? Without fully realizing what they are doing, some parents may want to encourage dependency, but they are not helping their kids mature into functioning adults. After finishing college, our 3 sons were offered 6 months rent free at home, but they were expected to help coook, clean and do yardwork. One chose to stay for 3 months until he had enough money to move out. The other 2 figured out how to be financially independent right away."

One tip to support this idea: Create a timetable for financial independence. Commit to a concrete plan to move toward common goals. This requires the willingness to work as a team, with frequent discussions and some compromise. Putting limits and deadlines into place can result in less family conflict.

According to a 2006 Money/ICR poll, 60% of Americans believe that college graduates should be allowed to move back home, but only for up to a year, and 57% state that parents should charge rent.


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