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Friday, June 20, 2008

We enjoyed all the activity yesterday when Marika and Howard Stone of 2Young2Retire visited our blog for an exciting Virtual Book Tour. Their book, "Too Young to Retire: 101 Ways to Start the Rest of Your Life" has inspired many Boomer readers to do just that.

Several readers of our blog shared their experiences yesterday and Howard and Marika responded to them today. Jacqui talked about being frustrated because she didn't save enough money so that she could cut back or quit her job and explore other work she might really enjoy at this time in her life. Howard suggested she "take the long view and begin a financial plan to achieve freedom of choice over the next 6 to 36 months, with the help of a fee-based financial planner. You have more time and resouces than you think. Come from an abundance mindset and visit our website and book for more ideas.

Be grateful for what you have."

When another reader said she had been at loose ends since she retired a year ago and her golf game hasn't improved that much, she wondered how to find a group where she could explore her options. Howard responded that "golf can be fun as a side dish to your main course in life: service to others. Visit our website and get into a 2young2retire Group: 

Looking forward to talking further."

Sara commented about, at this stage of life, feeling free to try new things without worrying about whether or not they would succeed. Marika agreed, "Kudos to you, Sara, for letting your creativity loose. What better time? In fact, we like to think of these years as the 'what can they do to me' phase of life, and helping others to express what they hadn't dared to before is what makes our work joyful."

To another reader, Marika offered "Thanks for your 'second chance at a dream career,' comment. We're seeing many more stories like this one about the dentist every day. The Civic Ventures/MetLife research shows a large and growing group -- between 6 and 9.5 percent of those 44 to 70 years old -- doing much needed work of social significance."

How are you channeling your own passions as you move into the next stage of your life? There is still time to join in the conversation.

Marika and Howard will soon be starting a new on-line community,, where you can offer your thoughts and interact with others in the 50+ cohort about money, health, meaningful work, community service, life long learning -- all that matters in creating a fulfilling later life. Keep in touch and we will keep you informed about when they schedule the ribbon cutting.

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Blogger Jan said...

I think Howard and Marika are amazing people who are working to create resources so that people can find happiness in their bonus years.

They started with a book and a website and now are creating an online community where people who want more than leisure, and who want to get the most out of life can meet and share information, ideas.

So check out and find ideas, resources, and people who want to continue to contribute to the world around them.

2:29 PM  

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