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Friday, September 26, 2008

It can be difficult for Sandwiched Boomers to maintain a sense of optimism when emotional circumstances are complicated and perhaps even painful. But you owe it to yourself to begin to better understand and cope with your changing moods. Talking about your negative feelings can increase your awareness and mitigate symptoms. In addition, you need to flip the coin and look on the bright side – for example, recognize the insight, strengths and skills that are already an integral part of you.

Some experts say that you have to feel better before you can change your behavior. Others advise you to behave positively and the feelings will follow. Try something as simple as being friendly when you're feeling shy, or act happy when you feel sad. You know what happens when someone smiles at you. You can't help but smile back - and that feels good. Make a commitment to look at life through a more positive lens, starting right now.

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