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Monday, September 22, 2008

In these shaky stock market days, many Sandwiched Boomers are facing additional difficulties as 401K's decline and retirement benefits melt away. The pundits tell us to keep our emotions out of the decision-making process, but that is not easy.

Your thoughts are mental products although they don't necessarily reflect an absolute reality. However, for you, they do represent how you feel. Some people can't help but operate emotionally. Others are more able to manage their emotions and function as if everything is fine.

Born to a single mother with serious financial problems, Debra often struggled with her feelings growing up. Now a married Sandwiched Boomer, with a lot of life experience under her belt, a family of her own, and more responsibility for her mom, she's dealing better with her emotions:

"I have to work at being more optimistic and worrying less. I no longer dwell so much on the negatives, and looking at things from a more positive perspective is not as hard as I thought it would be." Just like Debra, you can learn how to reframe your thoughts and take better care of your emotional self. Tune in tomorrow to learn some tips to beat the blues.

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