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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Sandwiched Boomers and Multi-generational Housing

The stimulus package is growing larger by the day in the Senate, where the addition of a new tax break for homebuyers sent the price tag well past $900 billion. "It is time to fix housing first" said the Republican Senator from Georgia Wednesday night as the Senate agreed without controversy to add the new tax break to the stimulus measure, at an estimated cost of nearly $19 billion.

The tax break was the most notable attempt to date to add help for the crippled housing industry. In the meantime, Multi-generational households are making a comeback for Sandwiched Boomers – especially with the rise in unemployment for new college graduates and the financial pinch felt by aging parents who are seeing their retirement income dwindle. Don’t be disappointed if you were dreaming about the empty nest. This new living arrangement can reduce stress, with more family members sharing household responsibilities, financial expenses and emotional support – as long as guidelines are clearly set and upheld.

Let us know if you're living with grown children, grandchildren or parents and how it's working out.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

My son, his wife and their 2 year old daughter have been staying with us ever since he lost his job and they couldn't meet their expenses. It's OK because my husband and I are at work all day. Our son is a great cook and they do a lot of the chores so we know they're grateful and trying to not impose too much. Being with our granddaughter is a bonus. Jenn

8:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My husband is an only child. His Dad died last year and his Mom has dementia. Since she moved in it's been awful. They never got along and still don't. I often have to be the go between. It's also causing tension in our marriage.

9:55 AM  

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