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Friday, November 10, 2006

Veteran's Day gives us all an opportunity to pay tribute to people who, over the years, have endured hardship and made sacrifices to protect our freedoms. Some people attend services or parades, others remember more quietly. How are you most comfortable expressing your feelings of patriotism?

This process of appreciation has many parallels to our own relationships at home. As you remember the veterans of all wars, reflect on the following ideals as they apply to your own family:

Identify, for yourself, the significant components of what gives life meaning and what constitutes personal well being, within the context of family.

Value each family member's individuality, uniqueness and independence. Let them know how much you respect these qualities.

Acknowledge the depth and richness of your family life and relish the complexity of it all.

Feel the embrace and the protection of the family unit as a whole. Express your gratitude for all the support that it provides for you.

How can you create positive thoughts about your family relationships on a daily basis? Find the special ways to honor them as you work to increase the bonds of family unity.


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