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Friday, December 01, 2006

Now that December 1st is here, and the "Holiday Season" has been officially launched, this is a good time to give some thought to the gifts you can give yourself this year. Before you start rushing around, taking care of everyone else, consider what you can do to nourish yourself at this stressful time of year. You deserve it!

Let go of expectations of perfection - for yourself, your family, your gifts, your celebration. Your holiday will be what it is, not the ideal one you imagine.

Enjoy some time alone. Solitude can give you the chance to emotionally reconnect and feel rejuvenated. Put your feet up, listen to some beautiful music, practice relaxation imagery.

Spend time with friends, those that you haven't seen in a while as well as those you see regularly. This is a good time to reconnect, by email, phone, or holiday cards with friends across the miles.

Set aside some time for exercise that you enjoy – take a walk in the woods in the morning, join a yoga class in the afternoon or go dancing in the evening.

Fill your free time with laughter and fun to cut through the stress. Take pleasure in the holiday rituals you and your family have created through the years.

Plan a special treat for yourself. If you were planning the most special gift what would it be? How would you spend quality time with yourself?

Allow yourself time to reflect on your blessings and express your gratitude for them. Every night, before you go to bed, think about three pleasant things that happened during the day and enjoy them again in your thoughts.

Our gift to you in the Sandwich Generation this holiday season is to remind you to nourish yourself as you take care of and celebrate with your family. Enjoy!


Blogger Pat said...

Such an important concept, and so hard for Gen Sandwichers--or even the aged parent caring for other aged parent-- to comprehend. I linked to you today at

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