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Friday, August 31, 2007

The past few months just flew by - and here comes fall, with its urgent demands for focus. The end of summer always makes me feel a little nostalgic. What about you? Take this opportunity to reminisce, write down your thoughts and share your story with others.

Back to School Memories:

Ah, remember the back to school days of youth? How about taking us back with you by writing about your favorite memory? You are welcome to write about the anticipation and excitement of beginning another year, or plunking yourself down in a classroom full of strangers wearing brand new clothes all the way down to your underwear. Maybe you loved having all new school supplies, or couldn't wait to get to the playground and catch up with friends you hadn't seen all summer. Whatever it is, take us back to the good old days. Send us your story by entering our contest.

Deadline: September 30, 2007
Prizes include:
$50.00 cash and a new membership or renewal to the National Association of Baby Boomer Women. For guidelines, visit

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