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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We continue today looking at what direction Sandwiched Boomers can take from the life of Tim Russert:

Tim Russert never forgot where he came from. He was proud of growing up in Buffalo, his blue-collar origins, delivering newspapers as a boy. You, too, can dig deep and find your roots. Listen to your inner voice. What does it have to say about who you are, what you want, how to care for your family relationships and still nurture yourself? Set some concrete and specific long-range goals about what you need for you and what you want to accomplish for your family. Identify short-term objectives as you work toward achieving them, step by step.

He did his homework - researching every subject he covered so that, when it came time to go on the air, he was very well prepared. It is often said that history is prologue. How can you prepare for what lies ahead? As you look back in review, how have you dealt with major changes in your family life? Think about what has worked in the past. Take the specific strategies that you learned from those experiences and, once again, apply the most effective ones to the challenges you are facing today. A positive attitude will motivate you to stay on track and ultimately reach your goals.

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Anonymous Lois Albrecht said...

When I turned 50 I resolved to be debt-free by age 55 so that both my husband and I could choose to work (less than full time) at jobs we loved. While I wasn't sure exactly what that would look like, I knew that we would have a choices. My husband went back to school and earned his MFA and is now teaching in the college's art department. I became a certified life coach and now help others design a fulfilling second (and third) half of their life. I love it!

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