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Monday, May 04, 2009

The Sandwich Generation and Stress

Do you sometimes feel overwhelming stress? And does that affect your marriage? This week we're going to focus on how, as members of the Sandwich Generation, you can get your relationship back on track.

You already have a lot on your plate. And as these times of financial uncertainty continue, you and your spouse may feel pressured about what to do. During any economic crisis, couples have to face tough financial decisions. This can lead to an increase in stress and exacerbate problems that may already exist in your marriage.

Think back to when you first met. Do you remember what originally attracted you to your partner? Was it a strong character, fierce independence, a decisive nature? Now, these qualities may suddenly be getting in the way of getting along. You may want to take a look at what has changed in your relationship so you can come to terms with your negative feelings. But that's not all there is to it. Try to recognize your own role in what's happening in your marriage. If you want to stay together and there's a glimmer of hope, accept the challenge of turning it around.

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