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Friday, August 13, 2010

Staying Strong Through a Divorce

Our guest blogger, divorce mediator Edie Sangiorgio, finishes up her week's posts today with some thoughts about how to create a successful divorce. Edie is the author of Divorce Vows - Before & Beyond the Decree, and her website is Divorce Vows
Close-up of family split with divorce decree document (10-12)

Edie understands the pain of a failed relationship, and talks about some techniques to help you get through the process:

"When we include each day with uplifting, positive, proactive thoughts and strong core beliefs about ourselves we set in motion the direction our lives will take. Divorce is a legal process but more than anything it is a mental game of wills. You have probably been bruised and hurt from your relationship. Don’t perpetuate the hurt by piling on more words and actions that you will at some point have to reconcile with in your heart. Approach the divorce proceedings with your head held high, your heart willing to negotiate for the highest good for all and your soul wisdom leading the way. If you fill your core with spiritual truths that give you strength then no one can get you off your game, not even your spouse or the attorneys.

If divorce is truly the right answer for your relationship then do everything in your power to make it work. You can turn a failed marriage into a successful divorce with the right perspective. If you are a loving, kind, decent person then be who you really want to be starting right now."

Our thanks to Edie for guest blogging this week and a reminder from her that she has graciously offered our readers a free 15-minute consultation. For more information, email her at

Whatever stage of the separation and divorce process you are currently in, you can also find information and a community of others going through the experience at Look for our Her Mentor Center advice there about issues such as emotional reactions after a divorce and for our suggestions about how to ease the pain for children after divorce. You'll find our answers to many questions on Divorce360 - please let us know what else is on your mind.

And for more tips on increasing your resiliency in difficult times, especially if you are a Sandwiched Boomer, visit our website, Her Mentor Center. You'll also find information there about purchasing our ebook, Taking Control of Stress in a Financial Storm: Practical Strategies and Resources for Success, which is available for download in PDF format.

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