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Friday, July 27, 2007

Are you on information overload, wondering what's the next 'best product' to help you feel better, do better, be better? Are you forever testing your limits, trying a new approach or a different angle? Slow down and relax - it's summertime. Find a concert in the park or begin a novel you can't put down. Interrupt your regular routine to do something out of the ordinary for yourself - you deserve it.

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Did reading last week's post get you thinking about changing your attitude or behavior? In any case, what follows are more ideas that can get you started.

To develop a new perspective, step back so you can see your present situation from a different angle. Gain comfort and reassurance as you recognize how your basic character strengths support you. Decide what's important, and integrate your core values into how you view the world.

Increase your capacity to be resilient. Releasing tension through humor will help you begin to bounce back. It is not easy to maintain your sense of optimism when the circumstances are complicated. But try to focus your thoughts on the things you can accomplish and manage.

When problems seem too hard to handle, giving back provides a welcome diversion. Find your spirit of idealism and make a contribution to those less fortunate. Be generous with your skills and time as you become involved with social activism. Change society for the better and you'll eventually transform yourself.

You know yourself best. Begin to make the changes you want. If you need a gentle push, dialogue with a friend. Brainstorm about how you can be a role model for the young people who look up to you or how to support the elderly in your community. Use your personal power to make a difference. And let us know where that takes you.

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Have you had enough of the celebrity driven circus revolving around Paris Hilton? As a popular media figure, shouldn't she be more responsible for setting an example for the impressionable fans who emulate her?

Not long ago the Boomers, or so called 'Me Generation,' were also seen as egocentric and self absorbed. But, more recently, they've developed the capacity for self reflection. Now entering the retirement years, they are serving the greater good and are often referred to as the 'We Generation.' All of us, including Paris Hilton, could learn a lesson or two from their changes in attitudes and behavior:

1. Let go of your concerns about the present moment and look at the big picture. As you already know, time passes quickly - use it to your advantage. Commit to making a difference. Set a long range goal about this and follow it up with short term objectives - then move forward, step by step.

2. Look to satisfying others instead of primarily giving yourself pleasure. Learn that gratitude is a very powerful emotion. Tell those you love what you appreciate about them. Watch their positive reaction to what you say and see how that makes you feel.

Go ahead - by implementing any one aspect of either of these ideas, you'll be making a change in your life and in the lives of others.

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Friday, July 06, 2007

While watching the 4th of July fireworks from the beach with several thousand of my follow Angelenos, I felt a great sense of community - as well as fun. And hearing our young grandsons tell us, with such glee, about how they had ridden their bikes - without training wheels! - in their local Independence Day parade, I thought, what a glorious day.

Although scrolling through the news on the internet or watching it on television may sometimes leave you with a deep sense of sadness and dread, getting out in your community can revive your feelings of joy. Sharing an event like the 4th of July with neighbors, friends and family brings into clear focus the values we all hold dear - our love of country and the gratitude we feel for the freedoms and liberty it affords us. How about you?

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