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Thursday, January 03, 2008

We hope that these tips, like the ones in yesterday's post, sound practical and reasonable. As Sandwiched Boomers, time is of the essence, so start slow. Break the ideas you choose into smaller objectives - each step you take will bring you closer to your ultimate goal.

1. Set limits. Paraphrasing Abraham Lincoln, you don't have to please all of the people in your family all of the time. Trust yourself to know when it is ok to say "no" to your parents or your children and to say "yes" to yourself.

2. Take care of yourself – your body, your mind and your spirit – through exercise, proper food, rest and relaxation. Set aside quiet time for yourself and do whatever pleases you – garden, listen to music, soak in the bathtub.

3. Bring gratitude into the forefront of your daily routine by acknowledging your blessings. Make a detailed note, each evening, of three positive experiences of the day. As you do, appreciate what you have to be thankful for: the connection to friends and family, the meaning that comes from being needed, the fullness of your life.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for giving tips in small bites and a few at a time. it makes it easier for me to digest the information and not get overwhelmed by trying to make too many changes at once.

2:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the idea of beginning to take better care of myself but I don't know where I'll find the time to do that.

6:48 PM  

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