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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Have you or your partner gone through a mid-life career change? When you're not on the same page about the significance of work, it can impact your relationship. It brings up issues around the division of labor - such as who assumes responsibility for daily chores and who controls the major decisions. Maybe you are once again struggling about who manages the checkbook and who does the laundry, just like you did early in your marriage.

When one of you has been diagnosed with an illness, either acute or chronic, the physical and emotional challenges to both of you impact and threaten the stability of your relationship. You and your spouse may be experiencing shock, fear, anxiety, depression - and at the same time, a sense of deep support and renewed strength.

As Sandwiched Boomers, do you have increased commitments now that either your parents or in-laws are getting older and need more assistance? Perhaps there's conflict about who takes care of what responsibilities or about not having enough time for the relationship or your own needs.

Are any of the above changes or challenges putting stress on your relationship? If so, acknowledge this to your parnter. It can be the start of new awareness and a shift in the relationship itself.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sometimes just talking about a situation with my husband can ease the tension. We don't even have to change anything about it.

10:10 AM  

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