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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Americans today are living longer and are developing or dying from more chronic conditions. A greater number of parents now need care at the end of their lives. Many continue to live at home with their children as unpaid caregivers or move in with family, instead of into nursing homes.

Male caregivers are already living their own version of the numbers. Nearly half of them have symptoms of depression. Time is a main resource in short supply and that issue takes a heavy emotional toll. How can they take time for themselves when that is the resource they're already borrowing? We all have to put our heads together as the groundswell of Baby Boomers faces these dilemmas and discovers there's simply not enough to go around.

Think about the male Sandwiched Boomers that you know who are struggling with these concerns. Share your ideas as well as the information in our past several blogs. Spread the word by starting a conversation.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interestingly I was out for dinner with acquaintances last night and, in the conversation about parents getting older, it was still the daughters who were handling all the responsibilities. That's how it is in my family too. Maybe the shift will be greater in the next generation. Julie

4:08 PM  

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