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Friday, August 01, 2008

If you missed Elaine Williams' Virtual Book Tour yesterday, you owe it to yourself to read it. The questions women asked about loss and renewal were universal and Elaine's responses were poignant and thoughtful. If you click on "13 Comments" at the bottom of yesterday's post, you'll get an idea of who Elaine is. And by clicking on her name at the top of her answer, it'll take you to her blog.

The beginning of the week, the theme of our blog was friendship and we all have a new friend in Elaine Williams.

Friends are a source of support and comfort at painful times. You may be tempted to pull away in an effort to deal with difficulties on your own, but this is the time to stay bonded with those who understand you. So whether you're at the receiving or giving end, hug a friend today.

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