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Friday, July 25, 2008

All week we have looked at how to make your staycation just as unique for your family as past vacations away from home. And each of you will find different ways to enjoy that special time together. Yesterday two readers talked about activities close to home that were meaningful to them. Rhea was looking forward to an ethnic festival in her hometown and another woman was planning a trip to her local art museum. What can you discover in your community?

The decision to spend your vacation at home this summer can deepen the bonds and transform your family. Without either the tension that travel creates or the stress of considerable expenditures in this uncertain economy, you will find that the time socializing with family this year is more relaxing than ever. And as a Sandwiched Boomer with so many responsibilities as you care for your growing children and aging parents, you deserve this rest and respite. Your staycation can help carry you through the year ahead with your enriched family relationships. So instead of "bon voyage," it's "bonnes vacances a la maison!"

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