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Friday, November 07, 2008

Hillary Clinton brought women into the political process with an intensity not seen since they campaigned passionately for the right to vote. And what happened to her candidacy is what countless Sandwiched Boomer women have experienced. Finally positioning themselves for the big job, after years of taking care of others - including the families of their partners - it is given to someone else.

Moving into the White House will bring big changes for Michelle Obama and her family. She says that she will be a mother first, caring for her daughters, attending their school events and ballet recitals. But Michelle is a lawyer and a strong woman – a role model in a unique position and committed to helping working families.

When Hillary told her supporters to get behind Barack Obama, she knew what she was talking about. What political issues are most important to your family and what do you hope the new administration will do about them?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finances are most on my mind. My mom is now living with us and our daughter moved back in after college. We wanted to sell our house and put money away for retirement. But with two extra people and the housing market so bad, we have no choice but to keep paying the mortgage. Too many bills and not enough money.

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