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Friday, October 24, 2008

Kudos to all of you Sandwiched Boomers who rallied yesterday and made Carol White's book tour a virtual delight. And Carol's enthusiasm about how to give yourself the gift of travel virtually jumped off the screen.

Our readers posed practical and universal questions. How can I plan a trip when the world financial institutions are crumbling? How can I be away from family for such a long time? How can I be with my husband in the cramped quarters of an RV, 24/7 for a year? How do I begin planning? How can I learn more about specific places to visit? One reader commented, I think that making dreams come true through travel, exploration, new beginnings and adventure just add dimension to the psyche.

Carol, very generous with her time and information, wrote thoughtful responses to all. Her main theme was if you want it, you can do it. You've worked hard for many years, you deserve to have it your way now. It takes some work but, with focused planning, it will happen. And attitude and commitment matters a lot.

Carol is realistic, encouraging and down to earth. And the book is well worth reading. Carol's offer to come by for lunch if you're in her neighborhood in Oregon was truly the icing on the cake. You can learn more about Carol by visiting her website,

If you haven't already, scroll down to yesterday's "comments" at the bottom of the Virtual Book Tour post and read through them - you won't be disappointed!

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Blogger Carol White - The Road Trip Dreamer said...

Rosemary and Phyllis - Thanks so much for the opportunity to talk with your readers - and for your generous comments. As you can tell, we do love talking with people about doing this and welcome individual emails - our website has contact information.

Oh - and the offer of lunch stands. We live on a golf course, so the view isn't too bad either!

Thanks again

9:07 AM  

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