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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Even during the holiday rush, you can carve out some time just for your life partner. Attention is often the best gift you can give to those you love - and it won't strain your tightened budget. Here are some more tips for you Sandwiched Boomers.

Give compliments freely. Sometimes it seems easier to criticize and complain than to praise and acknowledge positive behavior. Adjust your antennae to be more attentive to the actions you want to reinforce. When you are thinking something nice, say it out loud to your partner.

Keep your communication open and honest. Talk out misunderstandings before they become full-fledged arguments. Use the same conversational etiquette with your spouse that you would with anyone else you care about and respect. Practice active listening skills and sending I-messages.

Use cooperation and compromise. Be flexible in resolving your conflicts. Remind yourself to look at the issue from your partner's perspective as well as from your own. Ask yourself if it is more important to be right and win the argument than to protect your relationship.

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